•2010 Broadcasting all day 18th November. GMT the live data stream is OFF AIR

NIISA a Networked Instrument for Integrated Sound and Animation

based on a work at www.Palemoonrising.co.uk
Introducing a blend of live audiovisual performance tools web broadcast to your browser

•2010 North Wales Community Web 2.0 During my five years in Llithfaen I was given some server space to develop the community web in North Wales which I created using joomla. On this site I promoted some experiments in broadcasting live interactive video, which was part of my connection with the ‘creative technologist’ network that was being incubated.

•2010 Plural-Thinking

•2011 We will project video captures from the workshop and animation and work using Quartz composer developer tools to make a cinematic performance...(rather under-rehearsed)

•2012 Kite season is between May and September. This winter is for research and testing ideas.. Outcome; tension sensing handles

•2013 Tell me something more.. Tell me something more.. Tell me something worth living for.. that's yer lot North Wales! !

Carl Rogers, on becoming a person.. my copy is currently stuck behind the cupboard, anyway. •2002 sonic portraits, Albany deptford. •1993 A letter to myself; Mac LCIII, and also a short story about a brother I never had; handwritten.

This is the home page of techfolder kite team and a place for gesture control of sound and animation. est 2010

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