TX Modular created by Paul Miller


I met Paul Miller at Mary Ward College some time in the early 2000s at a course which was presented by Thomas Gardener, a Cellist who had been mapping sensor networks in his work. What attracted me to the course was that it was for artists from any background to work as a team to develop a live performance tool and each week we would develop our co-design skills while learning some of the principle concepts as taught by Thomas.

I began beta testing the TX Modular software for Paul after the first version was released and used his system for some performances on small stages in North Wales such as Rhyl Speakers corner and Powys Hall at Bangor University. Such were my tests that I tried to build the biggest systems I could to see how far I could push the software using one laptop. One of these big systems I used at Prestatyn Scala for a performance that networked two laptops together. That concert was delayed by an hour because the Router's IP address suddenly changed which back at the time meant manually typing in over 200 IPs with the assistance of one of the Tutors at Ty Glyndwr University. That's now been fixed and I have been told that a new version is coming with some exciting tools added.

The TX Modular is a modular synth that feels like 'coding' but with ready-made modules that bring independent SuperCollider developers work together. This type of thing shows the potential of being part of the coding community with open source code.

I plan to go into my old files and post some of my instrument builds on github to share. Paul tells me he often marvels at the range of unusual ways people use his modular instrument.

My next experiment is to run the TX on a server as an osc router and audio/visual synth. It looks like this may be possible and I'm looking into it now because the servers are a bit cheaper than they were in 2010.