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-A website about kites and musical instruments, micro-enterprise, machine assisted learning, and open source culture.

What might be of interest to me here?

I am interested in the power of co-design for community building within the arts and health category and have a history of working towards the development of a therapeutic practice that will embrace complexities to develop a neural-plasticity required to recover from some of the damage caused by the over-simplification of ‘what is wellbeing?’.

I have followed the course of culture beginning as a young musician and witnessed the adoptation of creative technology as I moved through my working life. I have been critical of early adoption of simple web interfaces and have been mostly excited about the unexplored futures of broadcasting, art performance and assitive learning as well as exploring outdoor environments.

I am interested in design that assists, but also does not imply a new dependency. I prefer to learn from something and move on, but this does not mean buying some new hardware only to be used once. This is about sharing in the spirit of open source, reusable things that can be customized to scale.

I will be publishing some stories, situational anecdotes about what I have learned through certain adversity and through the lens of curiosity and wonderment.

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