Kite Making Prep Sheet

see also free plans for non-commercial use

I’m duplicating this prep sheet for an amateur team in Suffolk, and also considering building my first kite.

Searching for Open Source kite plans went well,
Now to collect the tools and materials..

Thanks to Johnny for printing out the plans in A0 for me! Received them this afternoon (Tues 6th december 2016).
Printing £12 (folded in the post, maybe rolled would support best accuracy where any small mistake changes the proportion of the build).

Choose Colours;

Also I found this post on the fractured axel community about using water to hold the parts together for sewing, how fabric is cut, and the dangers of ‘build creep!’

honchoboy on the Fracturedaxel forum says he now uses a digital printer that specifically caters for plan printing for engineers, architects etc and so insuring that 10mm prints as 10mm.

I found a Sewing machine at a charity shop for £30, zigzag and straight stitches seem to work on rip-stop polyester, although the tension parts on the machine are a bit worn and not sure if it will handle my high strength thick polyester thread. Anyway I can get help with using one of the machines at Arts Network Lewisham.


See also My Kites: Spares and Repair


The following shopping list is based on work at


I have included here a hot Cutter as used in a youtube timelapse video of the sixthsense being made. It has replacement blades available  €108,90 including tax. I have read that a very sharp knife and probably scissors will work on icarex fabric which does not fray, although it does if I pull at the edges.

Glue plastic and carbon fibre (superglue)
A water based glue for the kite fabric (or use just water for a temporary hold).

Retailers and their estimated Shipping costs:
I have come accross some issues in shipping from the USA, so am comparing the nearest and cheapest suppliers.

Estimated Cost of Build in Pounds per eight kites including VAT:
SAIL: £289.33 or £36.12 per kite + a water-based glue if needed
BITS PRO: £249.97 or £ 31.25 per kite
BITS BASIC: £175.36 or £21.92 per kite
FRAME PRO: £827 or £103.4 per kite
FRAME BASIC: £373.14 or £46.64 per kite

TOTAL PRO: £170.77 per kite before shipping
TOTAL BASIC £104.68 per kite before shipping

Estimated Shipping Cost in Pounds:

metropolis-drachen; up to €125.79 €13,90 /more than €150,00 €8,90 /more than €250,00 €3,90

bilboquetsport shipping €14 offered for any order of €100 or more, large order free shipping

kitehouse shipping €15,00

benson postage £2.50

levelOne shipping by arrangement email request sent
First I will run through the checklist for the STD Pro frame. Secondly I will cost the STD Basic frame and the connectors;

STD Basic

Sail: Icarex, mylar, dacron.
Leading edge: Structil 6mm
Upper spreader: Structil 6mm
Lower spreader: P300
Spine: Structil 6mm
Stand Off: 3mm carbon
Ballast on tail: 25g

STD Competition

Sail: Icarex, mylar, dacron.
Upper leading edge: P200
Lower leading edge: P300
Upper spreader: Structil 6mm
Lower spreader: 5pt
Spine: P200
Stand Off: 3mm carbon
Ballast on tail: 25g


Upper leading edge: Black Diamond Nitro 71,5 cm
Lower leading edge: Black Diamond Nitro Strong 82, 5 cm
Upper spreader: Structil 6mm 54,5 cm
Lower spreader: Black Diamond Nitro 78,1 cm
Spine: 5pt (101cm) 91 cm
Inner Stand Off: 3mm carbon 28,5 cm (without connectors)
Outer Stand Off: 3mm carbon 27,5 cm (without connectors)
Ballast on tail: 25g

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