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Newmarket Kite Symphony
After a short break work will be towards integration and testing various ideas. Building necessary connections towards a date for opening this platform. Click here to find out more.

Featured in the image is a Dreamon kite by Skydog. Photo: Alexander David Cronin Gold

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Welcome to,

I will help you find information about our new Library of Kites and other projects that use kite oriented systems.
Best wishes,

Zack, technologyfolder kite team

Blackheath and beyond Kite Ballet

London, GB
77 Kiters, Kite Ballet Beginners

Zack is co-running this group with our members. If you would like to become an active part of our team please contact him. The full subscription is being payed so now this gro…

Next Meetup

TTF Kite Library opening promotion event

Saturday, Apr 7, 2018, 11:00 AM
3 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

SPRING/ SUMMER ACTIVITIES IN 2018:We will co- design our library of kites so people can visit and be with our collaborative team. We are based in Blackheath on the common, where we have a weekly meetup. All welcome!

We are working on creating 16 different, matched Rent-to-own concept-kites; producing the same delta kite with 16 varied designs to choose and fly together.

Collaborative leadership and generative ownership, Daydream or focus,
Discover different kites,
Meet makers,

Learn sustainable and safe kite flying,

Practise Kite-Ballet with music,

We create minibreaks,

Sit with your feelings for a few hours in the gente company of others,

Share your sound-design, and kite oriented software/ apps.






[Podcast to follow entitled roughly like “access to object oriented sporting arts practise”]


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